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Jhongjheng District Household Registration Office, Keelung City

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Director's Word

Simplicity, Efficiency, Professional, Diligent"Serve for People" is the purpose of the existence of the government. The legislation spirit of administrative process is to protect people's rights and to increase administrative efficiency. That is why we use "Fairness, Open, Democracy" system and follow the principle of "Administrate by Law" to gain people's trust.
"Customer comes first" is the principle of long-term management. In this creative modern age, people are the power to push changes forward. Under people's support and monitor, the goal of our office is to seek for better quality, improve quality and upgrade quality.

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Location of Keelung CityKeelung City, situated in the northern most of Taiwan, facing Eastern Ocean, surrounded by mountains in the eastern, western and southern side, is a natural seaport. Harbor area reach deep into downtown, surrounded by open water, hills and highlands encinctured, sheltered by Keelung Island and Hoping (Peace) Island. Keelung is an important transportation hub for commerce, military and fishing that serves as a strategic pass to Taipei. Keelung City, shaped like a leaf of Begonia, occupies 132, 7589 square kilometers of land, divided into 7 administratoin areas: Jhongjheng District, Sinyi District, Ren-ai District, Anle District, Jhongshan District, Nuannuan District and Cidu District.

Jhongjheng District is surround by the ocean on three sides, rich in sea and the coast scenery is beautiful as well. It is a key position from the military strategic point of view and combines fishing and entertainment business together. Its coastline is wide and deep, many fishing ports are spread in this area which leads to the fast development of related fishing business, school and development corporation and it has became a main district of fishing business in Taiwan.

Goal of Service

Household registration is the root of civic affairs; government administration is closely related to people's daily life. The communication between government and people is very frequent and matters to people heavily. We are here to fulfill people's high expectation to the government and follow the pointer of "extensive increase of service quality plan" by Executive Yuan to plan actively on the simplified and convenience services in order to improve administrative efficiency and service quality.

Organization Layout

Job Title Number of Employee Note
Director 1  
Secretary 1  
Accountant 0 Task Shared
Personnel 0 Task Shared
Section Officer 6  
Household Registration Officer 6  
Administrator 3  
General Errand Worker 1  
Total 18  

Our organization have a total of 18 employees which includes 1 director, 1 secretary, 6 section officers, 6 household registration officers, 1 administrator, 2 bookkeepers, and 1 general errand worker. Personnel and accountant tasks are shared.

Organization Map

Services Available

The following household registration services are available at our office, please see the chart below. Please refer to the "Household Registration" for various of household registration or procedure questions.

  • Various household registration:
    Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Discontinuation of Adoption, Guardianship, Move, Birth Place
  • Name Change
  • ID Card
  • Imprint Registration, Change, Annulment, Certification
  • Household Certificate Booklet
  • Household Registration Booklet
  • Birth Date Change
  • House Number Registration and Certification
  • General Errand Worker
  • Apply, Acquire, Lost of Nationality

Transportation Guide

Transportation GuideYou can reach our office by taking bus number 101, 103, 104 of Keelung Public Transportation, FuLong Line, RueiFang Line, BienHai Line, through Jhongjheng Rd. and get off at Jhongjheng District Office bus stop.

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Address: F3, 236, Jhongjheng Rd.,Jhongjheng District, Keelung City 20248
Tel: (02)24634911    Fax: (02)24633360    Email:
Regular office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am ~ 5:30pm    Flexible office hours at noon: 11:30~13:30